ALTERA fpga Cyclone IV board (EP4CE6E22C8N) + USB BLASTER + LCD1602

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  • Un Kit FPGA ALTERA complet pour apprentissage et aussi pour les professionnels de FPGA
  • Basé sur le chip EP4CE6E22C8N


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  • EP4CE6E22C8N chip
  • JTAG interface
  • 50MHZ active crystal
  • 4 key input
  • With 5V to 3.3V chip AMS1117-3.3
  • 5V power supply with switch
  • 20 PIN IO leads
  • 2-bit LED light-emitting diode (do water and other experiments)
  • 8-bit LED digital tube (for dynamic or static display experiment of digital control, frequency meter;
  • on-board all the way to the buzzer (for sound experimental)
  • dedicated MAX232 serial communication circuit board (and other systems to do the serial communication experiment)
  • on-board dual PS / 2 keyboard port (do PS / 2 keyboard test)
  • board 1602LCD character LCD interface (do characters show experimental)
  • board 12864LCD LCD interface (such as Chinese characters do show experimental)
  • VGA display
  • 1X 8 swith

Contenu du package:

  • 1 X FPGA Cyclone IV  Development  Board
  • 1 X USB Blaster
  • 1 X LCD1602
  • 1 x Usb power
  • 4 X  pillars
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